It is the time of the year filled with reflection, contemplation, peaceful conversations, warm glances, gratitude and acceptance.

DABAS DÄRZI is starting a new path this year... We have decided to invite you with us, not only to get to know the benefits of our gardens, but also to help someone else through interaction. This year, our intention is to especially support the PARENTS' HOME of the Children's Hospital, which provides shelter to parents whose children spend their days in the hospital.

The story of Daina, owner of the NATURE GARDENS:
"I got to know PARENT HOUSE in 2016, when I participated in the Christmas event, welcoming the volunteer workers. As it turned out later, it was a warm-up so that in 2017 I would know where to look for a safe, supportive and peaceful environment at a time when in a children's hospital, for my newborn baby fought for his life. I still feel the warmest and most peaceful feelings when I cross the threshold of my PARENTS' HOME."

When children arrive at the hospital, they encounter not only strange rooms and strange people, and often unpleasant examinations, but also loneliness and longing for home. It is from these experiences that children are trying to be protected HOME FOR PARENTS, allowing parents to stay close to their children during their illness. PARENTS A HOME is a temporary home and a home away from home. The PARENTS HOME team provides extensive assistance to parents who are in a crisis situation or who have to stay in the hospital for a long time. Parents have the opportunity to receive professional psychological and spiritual support (consultations are free), participate in various educational events, as well as support groups for parents.


By purchasing the ADVENT CALENDAR created by our store, loved and filled with sincerity,
we will donate 5 EUR to the HOME OF PARENTS together!

We invite you to donate to the PARENTS HOUSE of children's hospitals, so that together we can provide support, care and a safe environment for parents whose children are being treated, recovering and, unfortunately, also fighting for their lives while in the hospital. In the PARENTS' HOME, parents have the opportunity to take a breather, rejuvenate, gain strength and receive support to continue their main task - standing up for their children!