• To start placing orders, find the products you want to order. Get acquainted with the description of the selected item. Add the products to the shopping cart by pressing the "Add to cart" button.
  • You can view the items in your shopping cart in the "View Cart" section. All products selected by you and placed in the shopping cart are not reserved and can also be purchased by other Buyers.
  • If you want to complete the order for the products placed in the shopping cart, press the "Finish purchase" button.
  • In order for the order process to proceed successfully, you must complete the order correctly, provide accurate information about yourself: e-mail address, first name, last name, address, phone number.
  • Optionally, tick whether you want to receive information about our news and exclusive offers; or want to save your personal information for future purchases.
  • To continue placing the order for the goods placed in the shopping cart, press the "Go to delivery" button.
  • Check whether all the entered information is correct and press the "Proceed to payment" button.
  • You choose the payment method and press the "Finish shopping" button.
  • You choose the delivery method and make the payment or wait for the invoice to the e-mail address you specified.


  • To proceed to the immediate payment of the items in the shopping cart, you select the payment method MakeCommerce. You will be directed to the payment processing platform where you can securely pay for your order.
  • On the MakeCommerce platform, it is possible to make online payments of Internet banks: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor (Nordea) and Citadele.
  • Information related to transaction payment will be requested from you. Personal data required for making payments is transferred to Our authorized processor Maksekeskus AS (MakeCommerce). By pressing the "Pay" button, you ensure the payment of your Order. Settlement currency EUR.
  • After paying for the order, an e-mail confirming the receipt of the order application will be automatically sent to the e-mail address specified in your application, which is for informational purposes only. It will contain all the data provided in your application form and the data of the Order you placed. This email serves as confirmation that we have received the Order.
  • If the ordered product is not available, we will contact you as soon as possible. Upon agreement, we will transfer the relevant amount for the product to your account number within 2 days.


  • If you want to make the payment upon receipt of the invoice, select the payment method: Payment upon receipt of the invoice.
  • An order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. We will process it and send an invoice for payment.
  • Please make the payment only after receiving the invoice. When making payment, please indicate the invoice number.

We recommend that you also check your e-mail's junk/spam folder, because in rare cases, letters from www.dabasdarzi.lv with an invoice attached may end up there.

After receiving the payment, we will notify you when the order has been prepared in the Weleda store, or we will send the package with the selected delivery method.


  • Without additional payment, on working days from pl.: 9:00 - 16:00.
  • At the time of receiving the goods, the Buyer must present an identity document (passport or identity card). The buyer undertakes to receive the goods personally. In cases where the Buyer cannot do it personally, please indicate the name of the person who will receive the goods instead of you (the recipient will need to present the order invoice no. and name of the Buyer).
  • At the time of receiving the order, the Recipient is obliged to check the conformity and quality of the goods together with the store representative. If it is found that the packaging of the Goods is damaged (the packaging sticker is torn, the packaging is damaged or there is other external damage), the Seller must be informed about it immediately.


  • We will send the product to the DPD or OMNIVA parcel chosen by you from the list, according to the information available on the supplier's website (https://www.dpdgroup.com/lv/mydpd/parcel-shops/search?address=), (https://www .omniva.lv/privats/adreses). If, after placing the order, you want to change the parcel locker in which to receive the product, send an e-mail to bioveikals@dabasdarzi.lv, stating your order number and the address of the desired parcel locker.
  • If delivery is required to parcels in the territory of Lithuania and Estonia, please contact us by writing to bioveikals@dabasdarzi.lv.
  • Sonett products in 20l packages are not delivered to parcels. The total weight of the shipment must not exceed 30 kg.
  • Delivery within 1-5 working days after receipt of order payment, depending on the workload of the delivery company.
  • On the day of delivery, the transport company will send a text message to your registered mobile phone number with the parcel door code. Parcels are open 24/7.


  • We provide delivery of goods in the territory of Latvia. Delivery costs EUR 5.00, regardless of the weight and volume of the order.
  • Delivery within 1-3 working days after receipt of order payment.
  • DPD will inform you about the specific delivery day. At the time of delivery, the courier will call your registered mobile phone number.
  • Delivery takes place on working days between 9:00 and 18:00.


  • Every Buyer has the right within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of delivery of the order, in agreement with the Seller's representative, to exchange the goods for other goods, if such are available and if: the goods have not been used, the packaging of the goods has been preserved and is not damaged.
  • The Seller has the right not to accept the Product and to refuse the Buyer to exercise the right of refusal, as well as not to refund the money paid for the Product to the Buyer, in cases where the Seller has found damage to the Product or the Product has lost the "appearance of the product" (removed and / or damaged labels, torn protective films, etc.) and/or signs of use of the Product have been detected.
  • The Buyer must send the goods back or deliver them to SIA Bernadeta, actual address: E. Birznieka - Upīša Street 20, Riga, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day the Buyer informs us of his decision.
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging (we recommend carefully opening the package in which it is located when receiving the product).
  • The direct cost of returning the product is borne by the buyer, except in cases where the reason for the return is that the product does not correspond to the order (for example, the wrong or damaged product).
  • For a returned product, the money must be refunded by making a transfer to the Buyer's bank account.
  • The buyer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the product if the product is used for a purpose other than to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product.
  • The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the Product does not lose its value, quality and safety, otherwise the Seller has the right to deny the Buyer the right to refuse the delivered Product.
  • The product must be returned in a complete package.
  • When returning the product, the Seller must submit the accompanying documents (purchase documents).
  • The Seller has the right to refuse to accept the goods returned by the Buyer if the terms of return of goods are not followed.


  • If the product is damaged or an error was made in the order, the Buyer can return the product or exchange it for the one that was specified in the order.
  • The Seller undertakes to exchange the defective product for a high-quality one (without defect).
  • If a product defect is detected, SIA Bernadeta must be informed about it by sending an application to the following e-mail: bioveikals@dabasdarzi.lv. The application must include the Buyer's contact information for communication, product name, code, order number and a brief description of the defect.
  • The response to the Buyer's product defect application letter will be provided within 3 working days.
  • Defect detection of goods and compensation for damages are carried out within the terms and procedures specified in the current regulatory acts.
  • Product categories that cannot be returned to the Seller or exchanged: personal hygiene products, if their packaging has been opened.
  • The Seller shall not be liable for any damage or defects of the goods to any third party who purchased the goods from the Seller's Buyer.
  • All rights and obligations between the Seller and the Buyer in connection with the guarantee are defined in the regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia.