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Mūsmāju burvju līdzekļi pret klepu un iesnām bērniem!

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Homemade magic remedies for coughs and runny noses for children!

☘ before sleeping, the little feet are heated in sugar water (yes, that's right, not in salt water)
☘ massage warm feet with Weleda arnica massage oil (it has a warming and relaxing effect) and put on woolen socks
☘ massage arnica oil into the back and chest
☘ the outside of the neck is smeared with Lady's Wort flower no. 2 and the same is smeared in the nose, if the child allows it, you can give the krixita to keep under the tongue
☘ drink approx. 1 ml of Lady's Wort Pine bud oil (this is recommended for a two-year-old).
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