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WELEDA BABY - par mazuļa dabīgu kopšanu no pirmās dzīves dienas

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WELEDA BABY - for natural baby care from the first day of life

The birth of your baby is a special moment. From the very first moment when he is placed on his mother's stomach and you form a close bond with your baby. The baby feels that you are giving warmth and protection.
The first connection is through the skin. This highly sensitive sensory organ is ready for its task immediately after birth.
Your baby can't fix his eyes on objects yet, he's learning to use his ears, nose and mouth. However, the little one already distinguishes between hot and cold, soft and rough materials through the skin. For this reason, in the first months, the signals that the baby receives through the skin are of the greatest importance in his development.
The baby gets a joyous experience by receiving a soothing massage, a warm bath, clothes that breathe and care products specially created to protect and care.
As a parent, you want the best for your baby. The WELEDA marigold series contains the best that nature can give: oils from sun-ripened seeds and fruits - almonds and sesame, protective waxes (beeswax, wool wax), healing plant extracts and oils from fragrant plants. It will give the baby warmth and protection, strengthen healthy growth and development.
The marigold series for babies and children was developed by doctors, midwives and pharmacists in joint work - creating special products for sensitive skin. They do not contain mineral oil, synthetic dyes and fragrances, preservatives. This allows the natural functions of the skin to proceed unhindered and a strong protective skin envelope to develop.


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