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RUSKOVILLA 100% organiskā zīda cepurīte zīdaiņiem

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RUSKOVILLA 100% organic silk cap for babies

Thanks to the fact that this cap is knitted in a special technology and made of high-quality organic silk, it is unique!
When the baby moves, a gentle micro-massage is performed on the head, which prevents the build-up of milk crust. But thanks to the natural sericin of silk, scalp damage or inflammation is healed.
It covers the headphones tightly, is thin, light and very soft. Protects from heat and
cold, does not allow the head to sweat.
Several sizes are available - according to the age of the child.

Silk called "SHAPPE" is used for RUSKOVILLA brand clothes. This silk undercoat is obtained only from the outer layer of the cocoons of silkworm larvae.
This fiber retains 3-5% of silk sericin, which has therapeutic, healing properties in cases of skin diseases and inflammations.
The specific smell of sericin is felt when the silk is wet or when it is washed, however, this smell disappears after a few washes without losing its
healing properties.


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